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Cheek Implants Phuket

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Why choose cheek implants in Phuket?

The face is that part of ourselves that defines us, that sets us apart from everyone else and marks us as an individual. The subtleties of the face are such that no two people look exactly alike and this is noted even in identical twins. The face shape is most defined by the jaw and the cheeks.

For some, their cheeks have a gaunt, hollow appearance that may give their faces a hard appearance. It may also cause them to look much older than they are. An answer to this dilemma is cheek implants in Phuket. You can have a softer, fuller appearance to the face that is aesthetically more pleasing.

What does cheek implants in Phuket entail?

The patient is placed under general anaesthetic and then a small incision is made inside the mouth, at the top of the jaw in line with the second molar. The surgeon will create a small pocket to hold the cheek implant and will then carefully insert the implant into the pocket. The correct positioning will be ascertained and when the surgeon is happy then he will proceed to close the incision with small, neat sutures to minimise scarring.

How long will it take to recover from cheek implants in Phuket?

The patient will be able to return to work within one to two weeks after the surgery. There will be some pain and discomfort, but this will taper off and disappear as time passes and the healing process takes place. Normal activities can be resumed roughly four to six weeks after surgery, depending upon the patients healing rate. 

Will I experience any pain after having cheek implants in Phuket?

Any surgical procedure is going to involve some pain and possible discomfort, but this is manageable with analgesics and will fade after one to two weeks.

What are the risks and side effects of cheek implants in Phuket?

Patients may experience pain and difficulty in chewing during the first few weeks after surgery, thus a soft food or liquid diet may be advised. Other side effects and risks include bleeding, swelling, bruising, infection, slow wound healing and shifting of the implant after surgery leading to an asymmetrical appearance.

How long will the results of cheek implants in Phuket last?

The results are permanent though the appearance of the implants may be altered should the patient gain or lose massive amounts of weight. 

Will there be any scarring?

Any surgical procedure will leave a mark in the form of a scar, but the severity of the scar depends upon the healing capabilities of the individual. Luckily cheek implants have the incisions inside the mouth, where they are not visible. They should heal with little scarring of any time and their clever placement will render them invisible to the casual onlooker.

What type of anaesthetic is used?

Patients will be placed under general anaesthetic, meaning that they will be asleep during the procedure. Often pain medication is administered along with the anaesthetic to ensure a relatively pain free recovery period after cheek implants in Phuket.

Cheek Implants

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Cheek Implants IN THAILAND

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All information will be kept in strict confidence

We never spam or use high-pressure sales tactics. We promise.