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Chin Implants Phuket

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Why you should consider chin implants in Phuket

Chin implants in Phuket can help to define and beautify a person’s appearance. For some people they are born with a somewhat weak chin, meaning that in profile the chin is not in proportion to the rest of the face, being somewhat recessed. This may not be an aesthetically appealing feature and may cause the individual feelings of inadequacy and social embarrassment. For these people chin implants in Phuket are the answer to their problem!

What do chin implants Phuket entail?

The surgeon will take one of two options regarding the incision made for inserting your chin implant. He may either make an incision at the front of the jaw, inside the mouth below the gumline or he may choose to make an incision below the chin. The implant will be placed in the correct position and the incision will be sealed with fine, neatly placed sutures to minimise scarring. A bandage will be worn for a week or two to ensure that the implant stays in place during the healing process.

How long will it take to recover from chin implants Phuket?

The patient will experience pain and discomfort for the first week or two after surgery. They may return to work after the first one to two weeks, but should only resume normal activities after six weeks. Initially the patient may find chewing difficult and a soft food or liquid diet will be recommended for the first few days after surgery.

Will I experience any pain after chin implants Phuket?

During the first two weeks there will be moderate pain that may make it difficult to chew solid food. Any surgical procedure will involve some pain or discomfort, but this will fade after the first two weeks as the patients natural healing process heals any surgical bruising and injury. Patients can resume normal activities after six weeks but the full effects of the surgery may only be noticeable three to six months after the surgery.

What are the risks and side effects of chin implants Phuket?

Any surgical procedure has inherent risks and side effects and cosmetic surgery is no exception. Patients may suffer from pain, bruising, bleeding, infection, scarring, slow wound healing, a shifting of the implant after surgery resulting in an asymmetrical appearance and swelling. Most of these symptoms are temporary. Infections will be dealt with by administering antibiotics and the other symptoms will gradually fade with time. The shifting of a chin implant will, however, require a second surgery.

How long will the results of chin implants Phuket last?

The results of chin implants are permanent.

Will there be any scarring?

If the incision is made inside the mouth then the scars will not be visible, but any surgery involves a degree of scarring. If the incision is made at the base of the chin the scars will be less noticeable as their placement is carefully planned. Proper wound care should minimise scars, though the healing of scars depends upon factors like the age of the patient and his or her skin tone and type.

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