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A woman’s throat and décolletage are what give her that noble, elegant bearing. It adds to her poise, her allure and woman with a lovely shapely neck can be likened to an elegant swan. Sadly the effects of ageing have far reaching effects upon the appearance of a woman’s throat and the visible signs of ageing can only be reversed with a neck lift in Phuket. Here is the answer to removing that turkey wattle, those bulldog jowls or the deep horizontal creases and skin like crepe paper that comes with getting older.

What does a neck lift entail?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that will tighten the skin on the throat, removing wrinkles, lines and sagging skin that can give an aged, tired appearance. After a general anaesthetic is administered, the surgeon makes an incision that runs from the front of the earlobe around and behind the back of the ear into the hairline. If the muscle in the throat known as the plastyma is going to be tightened then a small incision will be made under the chin. Another variant of the neck lift procedure in Phuket involves an incision made in the hairline at the back of the neck.

If the platysma muscle has separated it will be sewn back into position, giving support to the skin and underlying structures of the throat. Excess skin and fatty tissue are removed by being carefully trimmed away and the skin will be repositioned and in some cases sutures will be used internally to anchor the new skin in place. The incisions are sutured closed and in some cases drains will be inserted before the wounds are bandaged.

How long will it take to recover from a neck lift in Phuket?

Patients should refrain from going to work for the first 5 to 10 days after a neck lift procedure and should sleep in an elevated position, avoiding any strenuous activities like lifting heavy objects. Do not rotate the head if possible for the first few days after the surgery. Patients should be able to return to their normal routines six weeks after undergoing a neck lift in Phuket.

Will I experience any pain after a neck lift procedure?

Yes, a patient can expect to experience pain after a neck lift in Phuket, but the pain is manageable thanks to the use of pain medications. 

What are the risks and side effects of a neck lift in Phuket?

Patients can expect, as with any surgery, to experience a certain level of pain and stiffness after a neck lift. They may experience swelling, bruising, bleeding, infection, a sensation of numbness and there is also a possibility of scarring. There may also be skin discolouration, blood clots, tissue death, itching and a loosening of the skin.

How long will the results of a neck lift in Phuket last?

The results of a neck lift in Phuket will last you many years yet it must be stressed that this procedure cannot halt the ageing process. Over time the skin may once again begin to slacken and achieve the appearance of fine crepe paper or patients may notice the return of a turkey wattle appearance to the neck. In such cases a second surgery may be required. 

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