Buttocks implants Phuket
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Buttocks Implants in Phuket

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Facts about buttocks implants in Phuket

The perfect Brazilian buttocks can now be yours if you opt to have buttocks implants in Phuket. Sometimes no matter how much you exercise or diet, your physical shape cannot be altered. Some people have a genetic predisposition to have buttocks with a flattened appearance that they find unattractive and buttocks implants are the answer to a firmer, fuller, more attractive appearance. Buttocks implants are made of a strong elastomer that cannot leak, being much stronger than breast implants.

Am I a suitable candidate for buttocks implants in Phuket?

If you are older than eighteen years of age, are in good physical and mental health and feel that your buttocks require cosmetic enhancement then you may well be an ideal candidate for buttocks implants. You may also be an ideal candidate if accident or injury has altered the appearance of the buttocks or has rendered them asymmetrical.

What does buttocks implants surgery in Phuket entail?

After the patient is put under general anaesthetic, the surgeon will place an incision either in the crease between the two buttocks or at the natural crease of the buttocks where it meets the thigh. A pocket is then created to accommodate the buttock implants, which is inserted either beneath the gluteus maximus muscle or above it. Both implants are inserted and the surgeon makes sure that the appearance is symmetrical. Liposuction may be used to further enhance the shape of the buttocks. Once the cosmetic surgeon is happy with the appearance of both buttocks the incisions are sutured closed. 

How long will it take to recover from buttocks implants in Phuket?

Patients can expect to be sore and stiff during the first week or two after the surgery and should not sit during that period. They should be able to resume work after the first week but should stave off strenuous exercise and activity for up to six weeks after surgery. It may take several months for the feelings of tenderness and numbness to fade. 

Will there be any scarring?

The scars will be placed in such a way that their appearance is minimised, but any surgery will leave some level of scarring. How severe the scarring is will depend upon your age, your weight, your skin type, skin tone and on how you take care of the wounds after surgery. Most cosmetic surgeons place the incision in the crease that runs down the middle between the two buttocks, which minimises the scarring but increases the risk of infection during the healing phase.

What are the risks and side effects of buttocks implants in Phuket?

Patients may experience pain, swelling, bruising, excessive bleeding, infection, numbness or an asymmetrical appearance. There is also a risk of clotting, skin irregularities, scarring and a risk of the implant rupturing.

How long will the effects of buttocks implants in Phuket last?

The effects of buttocks implants are permanent and will last a lifetime, though the effects of ageing and gravity may affect the appearance of the buttocks over time.

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